Idea "FH"

Modern, functional models IDEA conditioners FH (on-off) series 2017 release, c to control for Wi-Fi (optional).

All air conditioners in this series are equipped with a function optsonalnoy «WiFi Ready» - allowing you to connect the air conditioner with a special charge - Wi-Fi module (sold separately optional).

After the activation procedure with the supplied remote control module installed Wi-Fi, download (link below) and install a special program on the "gadget", its initialization by the manufacturer server and enter the network settings - you will be able to implement all the functions of the remote air conditioning control from any mobile device (smartphone, tablet) based on the Android OS from anywhere in the world where Internet access is provided.

Note: To install and configure the module Wi-Fi, please contact the place of purchase of the unit, or ASC (Authorized Service Center) in your city.

Link to the program:

Program for Android devices (En) - management of split-system over Wi-Fi