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We are inform you that in the Ukrainian market there are not respectable companies - Internet shops that carry out retail trade of air conditioning systems TM "IDEA". It is possible to provide false information about the equipment and technical characteristics of climatic equipment, poor installation, violation of the delivery time of equipment - this is only a small list of violations that can be encountered. Such companies or online stores do not have the status of authorized dealers TM "IDEA".
We are strongly do not recommend contacting the services of such online stores.

Please see the list of companies that are not official dealers of TM "IDEA"

List of the Official Sales Outlets

ФОП Горлач Олександр Shop, Installer
м. Гадяч, вул. Лохвицька, 4, "Магазин кондиционеры"
Phone: 095-351-19-99
Вент Полтава, ООО Regional dealer, Shop, Installer
г. Полтава, ул. Фрунзе 146 а, оф. 206
Phone: 0532-50-88-12, 067-530-62-07, 066-781-01-11
E-mail: vents_@mail.ru
Техбытхолод, ООО Regional dealer, Shop, Installer
г. Кременчуг, 60 лет Октября, 69
Phone: 0536-79-34-54, 096-500-53-74
E-mail: tbhm6@mail.ru
Романченко Игорь, СПД ФО Installer
Полтавская обл., г. Пирятин
Phone: 050 573 5577
Махно Игорь, СПД ФО Shop, Installer
Полтавская обл., г. Хорол, ул. 8 марта
Phone: 066-260-68-80
Плюйко Олег, ПП Installer
г. Полтава
Phone: 066-431-16-30
Промелектроника НПО Shop, Online shop, Installer
г. Полтава, ул. Фрунзе, 66
Phone: 066-623-74-16, (0532) 53-25-71