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Cold Plazma Filter

The model is equipped with a built-in cleaning system Cold Plazma, which is designed to effectively clean the air of odors and allergens

Golden Fin

Gold plating fin heat exchanger - Corrosion protection. Special anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchanger, protection from atmospheric phenomena and effects of aggressive environment.

The Ionizer

Air purification system is provided with a high-efficiency air conditioner ionizer that produces millions of negative ions that neutralize all the harmful elements present in your home. Negatively charged ions attract the dust particles, bacteria, mold spores and viruses, neutralize them, supporting chichtotu and freshness of the air in the room.

Wi-Fi Control

Conditioners Idea can optionally be equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows the user to monitor and remotely control the air-conditioner from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.