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Cold Plazma Filter

The model is equipped with a built-in cleaning system Cold Plazma, which is designed to effectively clean the air of odors and allergens

Wi-Fi Control

Conditioners Idea can optionally be equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows the user to monitor and remotely control the air-conditioner from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Central Controller stpc7062k
  1. The central controller is used for centralized management of indoor units (up to 64 indoor units can be connected via an adapter card).
  2. The indoor units can be divided into 20 zones, each zone can contain no more than 64 indoor units. All indoor units in one zone can only be set to the same mode. (By default, "the zone is not assigned to indoor units").
  3. Users can select the desired mode and temperature with a weekly schedule. Control can be a separate internal unit, a zone or all indoor units.

Compressor with inverter DC can increase the efficiency of the air conditioner, thus reducing power consumption saves your costs. This system is much more economical and safer than air conditioners with a constant output of the compressor.